12th English Menti Test-1

12th English Menti Test-1, यहाँ से टेस्ट लगाये, Education Study

12th English Menti Test-1, यहाँ से टेस्ट लगाये, Education Study

12th English Menti Test-1:


1.T.S.Eliot is a ….., poet.

(A) Twentieth Century                        (B) Eighteenth Century

(C) Seventeenth Century                     (D) Sixteenth Century


2.Macavity is an ………..

(A) outlaw                       (B) criminals

(C) Looter                        (D) diplomat


3.R. K. Narayan has written ……

(A) Pinch of Snuff           (B) The Guide

(C) Train to Pakistan        (D) Savitri


4.Let not thy divining heart; Forthinke me any ill – is from:

(A) Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe         (B) The Soldier

(C) Song of Myself                              (D) Fire-Hymn


5.Who was forced to leave Oxford University without a degree?

(A) Walt Whitman                     (B) W.H. Auden

(C) John Donne                         (D) None of these



6.‘I harbour for good or bad, I permit to speak at every hazard’- is from:

(A) Snake                                  (B) Song of Myself

(C) An Epitaph                          (D) The Soldier


7.Song of Myself is written by ……

(A) Walt Whitman                     (B) Walter de la Mare

(C) Rupert Brooke                     (D) John Donne


8.And the nightingale is dumb’ – is from:

(A) Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast           (B) Snake

(C) Fire-Hymn                                               (D) To Autumn


9.”Nurses flowers will not last’ is form …..

(A) The Soldier                                    (B) Fire-Hymn

(C) Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast   (D) To Autumn


10.Keats is a …… poet.

(A) Romantic                   (B) War

(C) Metaphysical             (D) Melancholic


11…… was a Poet of Nature.

(A) DH Lawrence            (B) TS Eliot

(C) John Keats                 (D) None of these


  1. Who has written a number of poems for children?

(A) Walter De la Mare               (B) TS Eliot

(C) DH Lawrence                      (D) None of these

13.Ravindra Nath Tagore wrote …

(A) Geetanjali                  (B) Savitri

(C) Macbeth                    (D) The cup


14.“The god of small Things’ is written by

(A) Anita Desai                (B) Kamala Das

(C) Toru Dutt                   (D) Arundhati Roy


15.Keki N. Daruwala is an …… poet.

(A) British                       (B) American

(C) African                      (D) Indo-Anglian


16.Snake is written by

(A) John Donne               (B) Kamala Das

(C) DH Lawrence            (D) Walt Whitman


17.DH Lawrence belonged to …

(A) Britain                       (B) France

(C) America                     (D) None of these


18.My Grand Mother’s House is written by …..

(A) Kamala Das               (B) DH Lawrence

(C) Keki N Daruwala       (D) John Donne


19.‘Mac Fleckone’ is written by …..

(A) John Dryden              (B) Alexander Pope

(C) Lord Byron               (D) John Keats

20.Who were known as the University wits?

(A) Elizabethan scholars            (B) Victorian scholars

(C) Indian scholars                    (D) British scholars


21.He is as good as Mohan.       (Choose the suitable negative sentences)

(A) Mohan is not better than he.                    (B) He is not to good as Mohan.

(C) He does not have a good as Mohan.        (D) Mohan is not as good as he.


22.I met an old man. He was very poor.        (Choose the suitable combination)

(A) I met an old man who was very poor. (B) The man was poor and old that I met.

(C) Poor was the man I met and old also.  (D) The old man was poor and I met him.

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23.He saw a lion. He went away.(Choose the suitable combination)

(A) Seeing a lion he went away.          (B) He went away to see a lion.

(C) He had gone away seeing a lion.    (D) He had seen a lion and went away.


24.I am tired ………… waiting for him.        (Choose the suitable preposition)

(A) with                           (B) by

(C) of                               (D) from


25.I am not familiar …… the subject. (Choose the suitable preposition)

(A) at                               (B) on

(C) in                               (D) with

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12th English Menti Test-1

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1. The Anglo-Sexons were ……. people.


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2. A snake appears on a trough of the ……… to sip water.


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3. Bharat is my home is written by ……

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4. Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe is written by ……


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5. All of us will be laughed at if we go there in this dress. (Choose the correct active voice)


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6. Lomov was the ……… of Choobookov.


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7. Indian peasants are poorer han their ……… counterparts.


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8. Who is the main character of ‘The Artist’?


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9. ‘Indian Civilization and Culture’ is written by-


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10. The …….. of death are the whispering neighbours.


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11. Human life is no better than ……..


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12. The….. Press is, under ordinary conditions, singularly free.


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13. ……… Woman visit her mother’s house during pregnancy.


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14. Nanukaka had tied a huge ……… turban round his head.


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15. India will become ……… super power shortly. (Choose the best article)


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16. You must learn English. (Choose the correct passive voice)


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17. The Soldier’ is written by ….

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18. Macavity moves like a ……… .:


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19. I Have a Dream is written by ……..


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20. Macavity is called ……


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21. Please help me, as I am in need. (Choose the correct passive voice)


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22. ……. was a great lover of Nature.


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23. Ram was ………… best student in the class. (Choose the best article)


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24. The invention of ………… was more important than domestication of animals.


25 / 25

25. …….. swears to save fire from the sin of forgetfullness.


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